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Alliance Welding Supplies


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Gas Equipment

Victor Cutting Outfits,

Regulators, Cutting Torches, Tips, Flashback Arrestors


Weldmark by VICTOR Cutting Outfits and Regulators


Harris Calorific Alternate Fuel Cutting Outfits, Tips,



Smith Equipment Jewelers Torches, Heavy Duty Cutting Torches


AIRCO Industrial Cutting Torches, Machine Torches, Tips, Cryogenic Changeovers


Air Fuel Brazing Equipment


Air Fuel Brazing Equipment


HVAC Equipment, Regulators, Tips

Other Gas Equipment: Esab, L-Tec, Oxweld, Purox

Gas Supplies:

Fittings, Flashback Arrestor,

Changeover manifolds, and CGA Connectors.


Western Balloon Fillers,

Fittings, and Changeover Manifolds


Cylinder Carts, wall brackets



Cylinder Carts and Racks


Grade T and R Dual and

Single Hoses


“Snap-Cap” Cylinder Caps



Koike-Aronson Couplers, Arrestors, etc.



Gas Mixers/Analyzers

Gas Drives

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