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Welding Equipment and Supplies

Partial Vendor Listing

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Alliance Welding Supplies



Pferd Abrasives, Cut-off Wheels, Wire Wheels


Walter Flap Discs, Abrasives, and Chemicals


Sait Abrasives, Cut Off Wheels, Flap Discs, Etc.


Norizon Grinding Wheels

(Now a division of Saint-Gobain Abrasives)


Standard Abrasive, Non-Woven abrasives, Brite-Rite Pads


Flexovit Abrasives, Cut Off Wheels, Flap Discs and Wheels


Pearl Maxi-Discs, Abrasives,

Other Abrasives : Metabo, Magnum, Weiler, 3-M, Tyrolit, Carborundum, Merit, and More

Arc Gouging:

Arcair Carbon Arc, and Slice Torches, Underwater Cutting


Oxygen Lances, Burning bars, Foundry Products

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Cutting Automation

Esab Gantry Tables


Retro Systems Plasma and Water Jet Systems

Electrical Supplies

Extension Cords, Y connectors, Temp Power Boxes, OSHA Plugs


Welding Cable, Whip Cable

Cylinder Carts

See Gas Supplies

Cutting Equipment

See Gas Equipment


See Safety Equipment