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The Perma Cyl Advantage

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Product Advantages:

· Sizes, pressures and configurations to meet most applications

· Capacities from 230 liters to 2000 liters (60.8 gal to 528.3 gal)

· Pressures from 235 psi to 500 psi (16.2 bar to 34.5 bar)

· Patented automatic fill shut-off feature with optional fill box    allows for remote filling from outside the building or compound when a Perma-Cyl is installed indoors

· Orca delivery unit automatically safely stops the fill process when Perma-Cyl is full

· Patented Cyl-Tel gauge supports remote alarms or telemetry

· communications

· High-pressure high flow models for laser assist applications

· Combination pressure control regulators with micrometer       adjustment knob or screw

· Outdoor or indoor installation and operation

The Perma-Cyl storage systems allows users to enjoy the benefits of on-site gas delivery. Gone are the hassles, waste, and expense of full-for-empty gas cylinders. Using Perma-Cyls, there are no cylinders to change, no residual gas losses, no back, hand or foot injuries from handling cylinders, and no lost or damaged cylinders.

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